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Welcome to Positive Pressure

 Services  &  Events

Your place to discover wellness

Massage Services

Swedish Massage: the massage strokes are light to medium pressure and deal with the dermatone sensitivty of the skin and the primarly layer of muscle tissue, this massage is good for relaxation and manual blood and lymph drainage.

60 min:$95, 90 min: $145

Sports Massage:the massage strokes are quicker, stronger and deeper, encompasses all of swedish elements yet massage pressure is deeper, and some trigger point massage involved

60min:$95 90 min:$145

Therapeutic Massage: the massage is geared towards a particular issue you are working on, for example pre or post operative issue please communicate with your Massage Therapist:

60 min:$120, 90min:$170

Prenatal/Postpartum Massage: first,Second or Third Trimester, Massage Strokes are specific to a Womens Needs.

60 min:$95, 90 min:$145

Medical Massage: the massage technique  is specialized towards please call Ellen Thompson,FNP-C,NCBTMB for Massage Evaluation prior to Massage Treatment;

60min: $135,90min $185

Ayurveda is a 5000 yr old Ancient Indian Medicine coming into Western Medicine as a Health Preventative Practice. Abhyanga:long flowing rhythmic strokes help restore balance and vitality, nourishing the body,relaxing the nervous system and enhancing circulation(Kripalu, ref) 60min$115 90min $175 Ayurveda Health Consultations: Receive one on one Ayurvedic Health Consultation to address your overall healh & wellbeing,including personalized diet and daily routine recommendations. please note this service does not include diagnosis and treatment.   60min:$110, 90min:$155

2021 & 2022 Health & Wellbeing Event Series

Preparing your garden beds for Fall/Winter

Have you always wanted to make your own organic soil?

Free Reference:

Going Green :Composting Video:

go to:

Utube and Ellen Zientara/Brian Albertson


2021: 14 day In Home Colorado Cleanse

Are you looking for a way to Strengthen & Cleanse your Gut Microbiome and Immunity for the Fall/Winter Months:

join us for this educational event.

Date: September 19th-October 2,2021

Place: 2 meeting or Virtual Zoom DatesTBA:

Sunday:9/17/21 & 9/25/21

Positive Pressure, 2 Hollis Street, suite #104

Wellesley,MA 02482

Time: 9am

Cost: $57


FREE Gratitude Walk Meet Up:

Sunday November 11,2021


2022: New Year Meditation & Sangha (community)Series

join us for a 3 -week FREE

12 noon

Morning Meditation and Nature Walk!

January: 1/2/22



Ellen Thompson, FNP-C,NCBTMB,Ayurveda Practitioner is also available for guest speaking and events, please call:781-801-6836

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